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Extreme Materials and Devices Lab @Northumbria

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We are interested in developing novel functional/structural materials and fabrication strategies, such as directed assembly of complex, nano- and micro-constructed soft materials system and their nanocomposites. Our recent approaches are focusing on micro-engineering of materials for advanced engineering applications as micro-system, micro fluidic device and flexible electronics.

Our current
research interests are:
1. Micro-mechanics of materials such as Elastic instabilities for soft materials and thin film mechanics;
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2. Functional materials/structures for energy application; micro-device; flexible electronics;
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3. Micro-/Nano-Engineering such as Multi-scale patterning/Electro-spinning/3D printing, enabled extreme technologies.
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We are offering consultancy services to industrial partners/other organisations in the following fields:
1. R&D on polymeric materials/technologies, structure-property validation (anti-aging, environmental friendly, retardant, masterbatch, etc),
2. Polymer engineering processing (injection, extrusion and blowing), problem diagnosis and process optimisation.
3. Materials/structural failure analysis (fracture, crack and buckling),
4. Materials characterisation (chemical analysis, mechanical testing, surface wettability measurement),
5. Advanced manufacturing, rapid prototyping,
6. Thin film technology, including coating techniques.

Industrial and External Academic Collaborators:
EpiValence (UK),
Palintest (UK),
Yangzhou Chengxing(CHINA),
Dr. Halim Kusumaatmaja (Durham University),
Dr. Jining Sun (Heriot-watt University),
Prof. Dapin Chu (University of Cambridge),
Dr. John S. Biggins (University of Cambridge),
Dr. Jiawei Wang (Aston University),
Prof. Anthony J. Walton (University of Edinburgh),
Prof. Ian Underwood (University of Edinburgh),
Prof. Ryan C. Hayward (UMass Amherst, US),
Prof. Zhigang Suo (Harvard, US),
Prof. Y.T. Pei (University of Groningen),
Prof. Jack (Jikui) Luo (University of Bolton),
Dr. Steven Wang (Newcastle University)
Prof. Yinzhu Jiang (Zhejiang University, China),
Prof. Wenxing Tang (Chongqing University, China),
Prof. Haibao Lu (Haerbin Institute of Technology, China),
Prof. Guanghao Lu (Xi'an Jiaotong University, China).
Prof. Xuanyong Liu (Institute of Ceramic and Silicate Science, CAS, China
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