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******GROUP NEWS******
Dec,2017 --- Fully funded PhD studentship available in our group (under Sherry's supervision), please click here for details.
Nov,2017 --- Fei Chen (Ben's Postdoc), left our group and starts his career as an associate professor in Xi'an Jiaotong University. Congratulations, Fei!
Nov,2017 --- Yifan and Sreepathy attended the 2nd UKFN SIG event from our SIG - Industrial day in NTU, on behalf of the rest of goup.
Nov,2017 --- Ben was invited to visit the faculty of Chemical Engineering in Hainan Normal University.
Nov,2017 --- Ben was invited to visit Institute of Ceramic science and technology, CAS in Shangihai.
Nov,2017 --- Ding attended 2017 MRS fall conference in Boston and presented our work.
Nov,2017 --- Our collaborator from Newcastle University, Dr Steven Wang, visited us and joined our Friday group meeting.
Nov,2017 --- We have new members join us, Yingzhi and Zhenghong, visiting scholars (senior research assistants) under Ben's supervision, warm welcomes to Yingzhi and Zhenghong.
Oct,2017 --- We have new member join us, Sreepathy, a PHD student under Ben's supervision, a warm welcome to Sreepathy.
Oct,2017 --- Cong and Yifan attended IEEE sensors conference in Glasgow and presented our work.
Oct,2017 --- Paper success - Ding work was accepted to publish by Advanced Functional Materials as Cover paper, good job, Ding!
Sept,2017 --- Funding success - Innovate UK granted Ben's KTP bid with Palintest, the project will be aiming to develop a novel water analyzer.
Sept,2017 --- Terence successfully organised the BC researcher link workshop in Nanjing, China. Congratulations, Terence!
Sept,2017 --- Ben delivered an invited talk about the research in our group on BC researcher link workshop in Nanjing, China.
Aug,2017 --- Ben was invited to visit HIT and Xi'an Jiaotong University in China and delivered presentations.
July,2017 --- Ben attended MC-13 conference and deliver a talk in Liverpool.
July,2017 --- Paper success - Our work on surface capillary was accepted to publish by PRL.
• Jun,2017 --- We have new member join us, Panos, a PHD student under Ben's supervision, a warm welcome to Panos.
Jun,2017 --- James Jianhui Guan (Ben's co-supervised PhD) has completed his viva and thesis revision, congratulations to James! He will start new research adventure in Oxford University as a Postdoc.
Jun,2017 --- Award success - Ding won the presentation award in the CSCST-SCI annual conference with UKFN SIG symposium, congratulations, Ding!
Jun,2017 --- Our group hosted the CSCST-SCI annual conference with UKFN SIG symposium here in Northumbria! Welcome to all friends!
Jun,2017 --- Cong and Yifan attended IEEE ICMTS conference and presented our work.
Jun,2017 --- We have new member join us, Yucheng, a PHD student under Terence's supervision, a warm welcome to Yucheng.
May,2017 --- Ben became an EPSRC full review college member.
Apr,2017 --- The 1st UKFN SIG event of our SIG was held here in Northumbria!
Mar,2017 --- Funding success - Terence secured the BC researcher link fund to organise the workshop in China, congratulations, Terence!
Mar,2017 --- Award success - Ding's work won 3rd award in 2016 EPSRC photo competition, well done, Ding!
Feb,2017 --- We have new member join us, Ansu, a PHD student under Ben's supervision, a warm welcome to Ansu.

================================BEFORE 2017===========================================================================
Nov,2016 --- Ben has been elected as a Fellow of IoM3.
Oct,2016 --- New PDRA, Fei Chen, joined our group, welcome!
Sept,2016 --- Ben has been invited as an EPSRC Associate Peer Review College Member.
Sept,2016 --- Ben gave a talk on EMMC 15 conference in Brussels, Belgium.
Sept,2016 --- Ben gave a talk on CSCST-UK annual conference in Nottingham University and visited partner in engineering department lab.
Jul,2016 --- Ben visited partners in Frontier institute of science and technology in Xi'an Jiaotong university and gave a seminar talk.
Jun,2016 --- Ben received the 'Young investigator award' from International Polymer Networks Group (PNG), for his contribution on 'Controlled Buckling on Gel surface' during the PNG 2016 conference in KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

May,2016 --- New group member, Miss Nina Boursier, joined our group as Erasmas exchange student for next 3 months, supervised by Ben.
Apr,2016 --- Our newly published AFM paper on Li-ion battery material has been highlighted by MaterialsreviewsChina.
Apr,2016 --- Ben received ‘British Council Researcher Links’ Travel Fund from British Council, joint with the Newton fund.
Mar,2016 --- Ben has been granted as IoM3 membership and qualification reviewer.
Mar,2016 --- A fully funded PhD studentship position available with working on 'Smart gel based micro-systems for bio-medical application', now closed
Mar,2016 --- Ben secured fund through Royal Society Research Grants Scheme for his research on Experimental mechanics investigation on creasing instability on soft surface.
Feb,2016 --- New group member, Mr Cong Wang, joined our group as PhD student, supervised by Dr. Yifan Li.
Feb,2016 --- Ben's paper titled with 'Reversible electrochemically-triggered delamination blistering of hydrogel films on micro patterned electrodes' was accepted to publish in Advanced Functional Materials.
Jan,2016 --- Ben's paper titled with Ever-increasing pseudocapacitance in RGO-MnO-RGO sandwich nanostructure to dominate rate performance for ultrahigh-rate Li-ion batteries' was accepted to publish in Advanced Functional Materials.
Jan,2016 --- Ben received RSC-CSCST Emerging Talent Travel Grant from Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • Dec,2015 --- Ben co-chaired and gave a keynote speech in UK-Sino Forum on Clean Energy and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • Nov,2015 --- Ben has been awarded as MIMMM (Professional Member of IoMMM).
  • Nov,2015 --- Postdoc research fellow position (Now Closed).
  • Nov,2015 --- Ben has registered as Chartered Engineer (CEng) through IoMMM.
  • Oct,2015 --- 2015/16 MECH ENG UG project students joined in our group! Welcome, Jack, Andrew, Andreas, Matthews, Nathan, Connor and Tom!
  • Sept,2015 --- Ben has registered as Chartered Scientist (CSci) through Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).
  • Sept,2015 --- Ben secured EPSRC fund through first grant scheme for his research on Engineering application of responsive materials.
  • Jul,2015 --- Ben gave a talk in BD 2015 in Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany.
  • Jul,2015 --- Ben has been credited as FHEA and certified with PGCert.
  • Jul,2015 --- Ding passed his PA, Congratulations!
  • Jun,2015 --- EPSRC -Think Physics summer outreach internship is kicked off.
  • May,2015 --- Ben presented his research work in Poly 2015 in Italy.
  • May,2015 --- 2015 EPSRC-THINK PHYSICS Summer internship openings was announced (Closed on June 1st 2015).
  • Apr,2015 --- Welcome French visiting student, Mr Peirre. E. BOULC’H (Erasmus internship), to start research work in our group for 8 weeks.
  • Mar,2015 --- Ben presented his research work in Hybrid 2015 in Spain.
  • Feb,2015 --- Ben has been appointed as Committee member of The Chinese Society of Chemical Science and Technology in the UK (CSCST-UK).
  • Jan,2015 --- Mr Ding Wang registered as PhD student under collaborative scheme, thanks to REECE for the support.
  • Dec,2014 --- New Lecturer in MCE, Dr. Yifan Li, joined group to strengthen the structure and micro-device part.
  • Oct,2014 --- Welcome aboard, new EPSRC PDRA, Dr. Nicasio R. Geraldi, joined our group, and the EPSRC project is ready to be kicked off!
  • Oct,2014 --- 2014/15 MECH ENG UG FINAL YEAR project students joined in our group! Welcome, Christopher, Emile, Iman and Pierre!
  • Sept,2014 --- 2nd summer internship programme meeting was completed with great success.
  • Jul,2014 --- BEN gave an invited talk in Zhejiang university of Technology in Hangzhou.
  • Jul,2014 --- BEN engaged in a Northumbria university funded academic exchanging programme to visit Zhejiang university for 3 weeks.
  • Jul,2014 --- BEN Co-chaired a symposium and gave a talk in THINFILM 2014 in Chongqing,China.
  • Jul,2014 --- BEN gave a talk in ICEM-16 in University of Cambridge, thanks for the invitation.
  • Jun, 2014 --- BEN gave an invited research seminar in University of West Scotland.
  • Jun, 2014 --- Hak-chan Bang joined as summer internship student, he will carry out the project supported by REECE innovation.
  • May, 2014 --- Postdoc position available, please check the details on
  • May, 2014 --- Iman joined as summer internship student, he will carry out the industrial project from REECE innovation.
  • May, 2014 --- James (Jianhui) Guan joined our group as a co-supervised PhD student.
  • May, 2014 --- Summer internship positions were filled.
  • Apr, 2014 --- Another Paper was accepted by Advanced Materials.
  • Mar,2014 --- 2014 Summer internship positions opening was announced.